Who? My name is Denise Bike. I’ve been writing my whole life in various forms: journals, curricula, academic manuscripts. This is my first blog. It’s a form of daily practice—to put something on the page every day—as accompaniment to my daily meditation practice. I’ll keep practicing; I should get better. I may not. I’ll keep practicing.

What? For twelve weeks, I will meditate every morning and night for one hour each time. I will reflect on what I learn each day. I will also observe and reflect on patterns that emerge. I want to learn what the practice wants to teach me.

Why? My favorite meditation teachers include Pema Chodron, Jack Kornfield, Gina Sharpe, and Tara Brach. They teach a gentle practice, helping us cultivate skills that reduce the likelihood that we’ll inadvertently use the practice as another source of suffering. I also like that they share their own fallibility. One will teach the dharma by reflecting on snapping at her granddaughter. Another will talk about being impatient in traffic. (See dharmaseed for free talks.)

I find their approaches and teachings invaluable. Their reflections on the teachings can guide me in the direction that I seek. Their experiences can offer guideposts, labels, and explanations of things I’m discovering in my practice. I cannot imagine taking this journey without them.

The more I meditate, though, the more I see how much the practice itself has to teach, experientially. I’m hungry to learn from it.