Wk10, Day3: Relaxing?

I was listening to a speaker last night who offered a guided meditation with the repeated refrain of: relax, every fiber of your being, all of your synapses. Can you find new ways to release everything you’re carrying and trust that your soul’s purpose is guiding you in the right direction? And on.

I woke this morning and sat up and scanned my body and mind for tension. To my genuine surprise, I was all activity. Mind racing, body ready to jettison me downstairs. How could this be? I just woke up!

I decided to spend the day pausing to scan for tension. Or maybe the skillful way to say it is “opportunities to invite in relaxation.” I also spent the day observing my ongoing surprise at just how tense I am. I am so tense; and I had no idea!

I was chatting with a friend about this and she recounted a story of a woman in yoga class being taught a master teacher. She compared her effortful posture with his. They had adopted the same position, yet hers was all forced while his was simply activated.

How can I be in movement without being in tension? ~ Tammy Mabra

I do not interpret the speaker’s invitation to relax as a dictum to not do anything. I also am aware that mindfulness is about observing your experience, not changing it to something you’d prefer more. If my body and mind and heart are tense, I can be aware of that and notice what happens.

I’m continuing the rest of my day with this line of inquiry: what happens to the tension as I observe it, and how does one activate without efforting?

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