Wk10, Day1: Writing as Practice

Having writing as daily practice is a good way to keep an eye on the patterns hidden in my daily meditation practice. Purpose, product, or process—which is the focus?

When writing, the well can quickly run dry if the practice focuses solely on the purpose and product. Ideas stop organically arising. Underlying structures no longer show themselves; deeper connections hide from view. At these times, the solution is often to return the focus to process. To just show up at the page—the literal piece of paper page—with pen in hand and flow and flow for as long as words wish to break free from the pen.

Ostensibly meditation practice is about the process. You show up each day, you sit, you breathe, you observe what arises and falls away. You keep sitting as long as you keep breathing, and objects continue to come and go. Over time, I’ve noticed, with regular practice each day, a purpose may sneak in, a desired end product. These habits of attachment and aversion, so longstanding, creep in without notice and hang out along the edges, meditator unaware. Meditator beware. Become aware.

Welcome into awareness these objects—thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations about wanting something that’s not present; thoughts, emotions, and sensations of not wanting something that’s here. Return to the process. Breathing, observing, breathing.

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