Wk5, Day6: Surprise Eggs

by Denise Bike 0 Comments

I sit each day, in meditation for an hour when I wake up and another hour before I go to sleep. I have been meditating for around eight years now, though this 12-week project is the most dedication I’ve given to daily practice.

Over the years, I’ve become more familiar with the internal patterns that arise in response to daily life, in response to my responses to daily life. I’ve also developed a little bag of tricks, a friend calls it. The skillful means (upaya) that work for me. The various approaches that invite me back into the present.

I sit each day, open my mind, open my bag, and respond to what arises.

As known as this process is, and (as a dedicated soul-searcher for the past 47 years) as familiar as I’ve become with myself, each sit is a new experience.

Surprise eggs come time mind. I’m a little late to this trend, as is usually the case. Toddlers apparently are entranced by these online videos of a woman with brightly colored fingernails opening plastic eggs with little toys, stickers, etc. in them as she describes the process. A close friend with a young daughter, and several authors of articles I’ve read about surprise eggs, noted that children can watch the same ones over and over again equally enthralled. Each new unwrapping enthralls as much as the last. Just like meditation.

What awaits inside your surprise egg?

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